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Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land. We'd love to have your help!

Colorado is blessed with tremendous natural beauty. However, our open spaces, forests, streams, and high country are experiencing numerous impacts due to their close proximity to a fast growing urban population. Development, increasing recreational use and other human activities, have taken their toll on vulnerable ecosystems and wildlife habitat. At the same time, land management budgets are falling. Read more about us...

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    Thanks so much to our major sponsors and donors for their continued support.


WRV is hiring: Director of Donor and Corporate Relations

WRV seeks a Director of Donor and Corporate Relations to join our team, working with the Development Director and Executive Director to build a strong foundation of support for our thriving community of thousands of volunteers engaged in the stewardship and restoration of Colorado lands.  Primary responsibilities include: 1) Expand funding base by growing our individual donor community and developing corporate partnerships. 2) Guide strategic marketing activities across the organization. 
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Planning for a Sustainable Future

Many of you participated in WRV’s strategic planning process in 2014-15.  We are grateful for your input and share with you now a summary of WRV’s 2015-18 Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan is built on four pillars that together represent the people, processes and resources that directly hold up WRV’s mission to heal the land and build community.  Fortifying these four supporting pillars will enable WRV to thrive well into the future:

  • Building overall leadership and organizational capacity
  • Making greater use of governance best practices
  • Evaluating and exploring existing fundraising efforts
  • Investing in volunteer capital

Together staff and Board members are crafting tactical plans to accomplish the detailed objectives under each of the four pillars.  The Strategic Plan focuses our attention on the most important tasks before us. A full explanation of the process and more in depth explanations of the pillars can be found here in a letter from the Board of Directors.

Thank you for your interest and participation as we position WRV for the future, and for your many contributions to the community we all cherish.   
-The 2016 WRV Board of Directors