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It's just good to give something back to nature.
Claudia Strijek

What I like the best is the wonderful people I have met on the projects—people with whom it is an absolute pleasure to spend the day. Another great thing about WRV is how well the volunteers are treated. I really feel greatly appreciated!
Mark Turbin

As an avid outdoors person, I always thought of myself as practicing proper land stewardship. WRV has shown me exactly how much I impact the land in both positive and negative ways, and given me the opportunity to give back to our open spaces in need of healing. 
Melissa Cooper

The food was awesome...I thought the quality of the Sunday breakfast was almost TOO good. I would have been happy with a muffin and bagel.
Sean Burns

I think you’re a wonderful group of people with an outstanding vision.  It’s great that you get individuals of all ages and abilities involved at whatever level each person feels he or she can contribute.
Nancy Martin

For me personally, the experience of healing mother earth has had a profound and enduring effect on my attitude toward life in general. I have enjoyed the opportunities to work with so many wonderful, caring people. I take great pride in what we have created.
Ted Pusillo

It is great to “give something back” to the outdoor places I love.
Mindy Mohr

Everybody was really nice on that WRV project. It was really fun because I planted lots of stuff and got to use cool tools.
Neil McGimsey, age 6

Healing a wounded place, a place I have watched become barren or torn up from over use, has shown me that we really can restore the health and beauty of our favorite places, that we don't have to settle for watching them slowly die. And we can leave their renewed beauty as a gift for everyone else who comes there. 
John Dawson

Along with feeling like I've made some type of positive contribution to the environment, I've become very good friends with three of the people I've met through the org. They have added to my life in a great way. It’s a great way to meet people with common interest and beliefs -- that love the outdoors and respect the environment. 
Donna Thompson

Your program brings out the best in people. It’s rewarding just seeing so many people want to give their precious time and energy to caring for the earth and environment. Thank you, WRV, for doing such a great job and giving us this opportunity to give back. Why don’t you start a national network and get people all over the U.S., … or even the world... started in restoring wildlands?
Linda Kloch

Without your presence, persistence and hard work we would not be able to turn back the tide of impacts from all the people who use and appreciate and, sad to say, use and abuse the Forest. We appreciate you but more important, so many of the public appreciate all [WRV] has done for us all this summer. Thanks!!!
Christine M. Walsh, District Ranger
Boulder Ranger District
Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland

I did not expect the deliberate emphasis on community which celebrated relationship and process. … It’s very encouraging to work with those who allow a group to evolve into an organism rather than just focus on productivity.
Denise Larson

Mother Earth needs a lot more people likes the ones I have meet at this adventure! 
James Harcourt

Volunteering is an important avenue to understanding good stewardship principles. The volunteers that have worked on forest projects with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers are valuable partners in spreading good stewardship principles.
Jean Thomas, Hydrologist
Canyon Lakes Ranger District & Pawnee National Grassland

Just got back from the day’s work… This was my first volunteer/restoration project and I enjoyed it. The ice cream & barbecue afterwards was a wonderful way to wind it up. You sure know how to do one of these events! 
Steve Gendron

This is a volunteer group that does EXCELLENT work.  Both Johnny and I have worked with them in the past.  The nice part about WRV is they do all the recruiting, planning, design, supervision, follow-up monitoring, and provide their own equipment (although they will gratefully accept horse/llama support if needed).  They have botanists/restoration experts on staff and often have more experience and expertise than we do.  They are based in Boulder and normally stay fairly close to the front range.  I am thinking however that Dillon would be within their view.  Your project has to compete with other projects, but they are always excited about new projects and new locations.  You do have to feed them some funds, but it can be pretty minimal.  I got 65 volunteers to transplant 400 spruce/fir trees from Winter Park Ski Area to Berthoud Pass for $2499.  I also gave them $10,000 to do an alpine restoration project that contract bids came in for at $65,000.  They go out and recruit other matching funds to help the project grow.  I can't say enough about them.  They are AWESOME.  Give some thought to potential projects (see their list of types of projects they do at the end of the email).
Wendy R. Magwire, Forest Wildlife Biologist
White River National Forest

I moved to Colorado about six years ago.  A few days after I arrived, I went on my first project.  Imagine - just one week in Colorado and I was camping at the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, eating the most amazing food (prepared right there at the site by volunteer gourmet chefs), and working with an interesting group of people, all the while staring in awe at the incredible scenery of north park.  This is one of the most reliably satisfying things I have ever done.
Barb Kirchner

WRV is a great way to give back what nature has given to you.
Ian McMillan

I love being able to give back to the nature I so enjoy, one plant, one weed-pull, one seed at a time, and I appreciate WRV for providing that opportunity.  Plus, people you meet in this group are totally awesome!
Amy Kumiko Iwata

Of all the things that make Colorado the kind of place where every person would wish to live, the opportunity to touch our environment in a positive healing way, shoulder to shoulder with like minded friends, stands high on my life chart. WRV makes that possible for me and hundreds of my fellow volunteers.
Axel Bishop, RLA, AICP, CPRP, Principal Design Concepts Community & Landscape Architects

As a new resident to Colorado, I cannot think of a better way to get to know my new home. In just a short period of time, I have seen some amazing places, built great memories with fun people, learned a great deal about restoration, and made a measurable contribution to protecting Colorado's ecosystems. What is not to like about volunteering with WRV?"
Jennifer Kovecses

I am consistently amazed at how WRV harnesses the satisfaction that comes from doing good work to help the land, combine it with amazing expertise in ecological restoration, and have the result being a community of volunteers that have fun while working hard to make positive change for our environment.
Jeff Thompson,
Natural Resource Stewardship Coordinator Colorado Parks and Wildlife

WRV has been a real asset to our agency.  Their ability to mobilize large groups of dedicated volunteers has allowed us to complete restoration projects that may be beyond the scope of our staff or budget.  Not only do they bring real technical skills to the projects, but also an enthusiasm for building community, having fun, and improving our natural areas that is contagious
David Hirt,
Boulder County Parks and Open Spaces

After 3 years of working on site improvements we have enjoyed seeing over 500 school kids use our new Environmental Learning Center in just one month. WRV helped develop and implement a significant portion of our site plan. They are amazing partners that made each component of the project a joy to work on and the results are exactly what we had hoped for. Their dedication to improving the land and making sites like ours places for others to engage in natural resources conservation improves the community for us all.
Kacie Ehrenberger,
Education Director
Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory