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Youth Stewardship Programs

As part of WRV’s mission to build community and provide venues for volunteer stewardship, WRV is committed to inspiring the next generation of land stewards. As such, there are opportunities for youth involvement at multiple levels within WRV.

  • Youth Stewards
    • Opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved in restoration
  • School Groups
    • We love to work with teachers to provide meaningful service-learning experiences for children in the academic setting

If you are a youth interested in giving back to your community, a teacher eager to get your students outside, a parent looking for opportunities to volunteer with your children, or a leader of a youth organization seeking a meaningful service project, we can work with you to find the right event to meet your needs.

For more information on our Youth Stewardship Programs, please contact Rachel Brett, Youth and Inclusiveness Director, at rachel@wlrv.org or 303-543-1411 ext. #8.

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“WRV offers a wide variety of youth the chance to get outside and develop a deeper connection with the land. It’s nice to have a sense of power and to be able to have a choice in what happens to the public land around us, while working with it hands on and with your friends.”
~ Carrie Harrison, WRV Youth Volunteer, age 16


~ Seth Blum, WRV Youth Volunteer leads a flood cleanup project on South Boulder Creek


Youth Stewards

Volunteer on a Project

Our restoration projects aren’t just for grownups! We encourage young people to volunteer, too! Check out our current project schedule and find something that will work for you. Please note the age requirements for projects vary. All youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. A day in the field with WRV makes for great shared experiences for young and old.

Opportunities for Clubs, Youth Organizations, Scout Groups and more!

If a stewardship project would be a great addition to your program, consider partnering with WRV! Contact us to work out the best combination of events from

  1. group presentations and stewardship activities,
  2. participation in a general audience restoration project,
  3. or even designing a project specific for your group!

Thanks to our current partners:


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“The project we did with WRV was a great experience for our students and staff. We all bonded as we worked together to re-vegetate Carnage Canyon. The WRV leaders made it fun and informative. We enjoyed learning why planting willows, choke cherries and cottonwoods would help stabilize this area that was destroyed by over use of recreational vehicles. After hiking up the canyon and planting for a few hours we could already see the difference in the area and could imagine how much better it would be without all of the erosion we saw. It was a truly rewarding way to spend the day.”
~ Jodi Sherman, “I Have a Dream” Foundation Project Leader


School Groups

Sign your class up for stewardship education programs with our highly qualified WRV staff and core of volunteers who are trained to work with youth! We can offer programs for pre-K through grade 12 and meet Colorado Model Content Standards for all grades.

Examples of School Programs

In-Class Presentations – Pre-project lessons are designed to introduce students to ecological concepts of your choice and prepare them for the service project to follow. In all cases, we can work with you to meet your curriculum needs.

In-Class Stewardship Activities – If the logistics to get your class into the field are too much, we can bring the service-learning to you! Examples include making seed balls, sorting native seeds, and building bird and bat boxes.

Service-Learning Field Trips – Field trips can be full-day or partial-day events. Games, nature walks and quiet contemplation can be interwoven with the stewardship project. Possibilities include collecting native seeds, planting native trees and shrubs, removing invasive species, building sustainable trails, or spreading the seed balls your group made on an earlier date.

SchoolGroups SchoolGroups SchoolGroups

“Thanks again – it was a great day, the kids and teachers loved it, and (the WRV staff) are great with kids.”
~ Kathy Sherwood, Friends’ School


Youth Leaders

Various Leadership Opportunities

WRV often provides leadership opportunities to Middle School or High School aged youth on an individual basis. If you are a young person who has volunteered with us before and is looking for a leadership role, let us know!

Currently, we have positions on our Youth Steering Committee for City of Boulder Youth Residents.

High School Crew Leader Training

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is seeking motivated and community-oriented youth who would like to lead crews on WRV projects, gain outdoor leadership skills, job skills, and environmental awareness through our High School Crew Leader Training. For more information click here.

YouthLeaders YouthLeaders YouthLeaders

“Through WRV projects I am able to share with others my love for the environment, while at the same time being able to learn from others who have real world experience.”
~ Sam Streeter, WRV Youth Volunteer, age 17


High School Crew Leader Summer Training:

  • Who: Young Environmental Stewards Needed! Youth aged 13-18 interested in becoming crew leaders on WRV projects or gaining outdoor restoration job skills.
  • What: The program takes place in April and is a condensed version of our school year training. The training is focused on team building and principles of restoration ecology. Trainees will learn skills for leading diverse personality types and managing conflicts as well as learn restoration techniques. Following completion of the training, youth will be mentored as a crew leader on a WRV project before leading on their own.

Through this program you will…

  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Make a difference for the environment in your community
  • Have opportunities to lead your peers in ecological restoration
  • Master tool and safety skills
  • Have fun and meet new friends!

For more information on the High School Crew Leader Training program, please contact Rachel Brett, Youth and Inclusiveness Director, at rachel@wlrv.org or 303-543-1411 ext. 8#.