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Project Selection Process

WRV completes over 30 ecological restoration and land stewardship projects each year.  We plan a diverse selection of projects to address a wide range of important conservation issues on public lands, and provide a nice variety of opportunities for our volunteers.  We do weekend and mid-week projects, half day, one day and multi-day projects, high country and low country projects, easy and strenuous projects, stream restoration, wetland restoration, road obliteration, erosion control, native seed collection, invasive species removal, trail work, prairie restoration, alpine restoration, wildfire restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, and more.

You may wonder how we decide which projects to take on.  That’s a multi-step process, driven by the needs of the community.


WRV is always on the lookout for good stewardship projects suitable for volunteers.  WRV staff and leadership volunteers reach out regularly to our many land agency partners to determine their greatest needs.

We encourage all concerned citizens and land agency employees to recommend projects.  Community members are our eyes and ears, seeing first hand where public lands need our help.

Applications are accepted all year long. April to August is the prime season to apply for consideration the following year.

If you would like to suggest a project, fill out our application form. If the application opens in your browser, please save it as a Word document before you fill it out.


Once we learn about a potential project through the application process, trained volunteer or staff scouts are sent out to visit the site, meet with land managers, gather technical and logistical information, take photos, etc.  The scouts then present their findings to our Project Selection Committee.  Scouting is a fun way to get outdoors, see beautiful places, and help determine where WRV will focus its energy in the year(s) to come.  We scout projects all year long.


Every year, WRV considers more projects than we can possibly complete in a season.  Therefore, we need to evaluate the slate of candidate projects to identify those which best fit our mission.  Our “Project Selection Committee,” which includes dedicated volunteers and some members of our staff, leads this process.  If you would like to volunteer or inquire about this committee, call our office.

The bulk of the project selection process for the next calendar year occurs in the summer and early fall.  Projects are presented to the committee by scouts, and discussed and evaluated based on a multi-faceted criteria. Afterward, each member of the committee ranks the projects from most to least preferred.  We combine these into a master ranking.

The staff then evaluates the list to determine how many of the projects we can realistically finish in a year, given our resources, working down from the top of the list.  The WRV Board of Directors has the final say on the projects we do, and will generally follow the recommendations of the Project Selection Committee.