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Corporate Sponsorship

Support of our popular and very visible volunteer projects (over 40 a year) is a great way for your organization to express its connection with the communities we serve. We are the only organization in Colorado that is dedicated to engaging communities in the restoration and protection of public lands.  No one else does exactly what we do – we are raising broad public awareness of the need for ecological restoration while engaging thousands of people in tangible on-the-ground restoration activities. We rely on support from the business community to meet our mission, and we are eager to explore new partnerships with businesses.

There are several ways for your company to get involved with our programs and support our work.

Financial Support
WRV relies on financial support from businesses like yours. Whether your company is interested in funding a specific project, program, or general operating costs,  dedicating a portion of your company’s charitable giving to WRV is a great way to support your community. Contact us at 303-543-1411 to discuss our sponsorship opportunities.

In-kind Sponsorship 
In-kind donations of food, drink, outdoor gear, equipment, and professional services are critical to our success and we wouldn’t be able to accomplish so much great work without this type of support. We have a variety of needs for our volunteer projects and for special events like our Annual Spring Auction that might be a great fit for your business. Contact us at 303-543-1411 to learn more about in-kind sponsorship options with WRV.

Groups are always welcome on our fun and rewarding volunteer restoration projects, and no experience is necessary. If you are interested in organizing a group to volunteer with us, call 303-543-1411 to discuss options.  Check out our regular project schedule. We can also schedule a special weekday project for corporate groups.  Space for these opportunities can be limited so contact us early if you want to get involved!

Check out our list of current sponsors