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Donate Goods and Services

If you would like to help WRV by donating goods and services, there is a good chance that you will make our day. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit group, so anything that you donate is tax-deductible. Please see our wish list to find out some ways that we need help right now. Feel free to contact us to talk with our staff about other ways that you can help.

Food and Drink

Volunteers get hungry after a day of restoration work. A great way for your grocery or food-service company to help is to donate food or beverages to help keep our volunteers energized and in high spirits.

Work Gear

We always need tools, equipment, transportation, consultation, and other assistance to make our projects happen.

Office Assistance

The behind-the-scenes work by our staff makes every project possible, and we can always use help of all kinds with office supplies, administrative services, communication services, and many other types of support.

Professional Services

WRV relies on volunteers to provide logistical support in many areas. This includes everything from office help to field natural resource expertise. If you would like to donate your time, please submit a Volunteer Profile and indicate how you can help.

Cars helping charities

Have a vehicle that you are looking to get rid of? Cars Helping Charities will do all the work for you and give a portion of the proceeds back to WRV. Its free, easy, and tax deductible. If you have an old or unwanted vehicle please consider going through this organization and supporting WRV. They can be reached online at http://www.carshelpingcharities.org or at 866-701-2277 (Denver 303-423-2277).